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AkuaRiz® Skin Ease Intense Repair Cream...Hydrating remedy for dry and sensitive skin Hydrate and treat problematic skin with a highly effective formulation based on natural and scientifically tested ingredients. The analgesic properties of gamat and haruan extract combined with antioxidants, work to soothe and relieve skin dryness, itchiness and swelling.

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AkuaRiz® Gamat Gel…YOUR ULTIMATE FIRST AID GEL FROM THE SEA An essential tool in your First Aid kit, Gamat Gel can be applied to cuts, insect bites, and minor burns. Innovatively formulated with anti-inflammatory gamat extract and aloe vera, the gel promotes skin healing and skin regeneration for minimal scarring.

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A dual function facial purifying cleanser that removes make-up, oil and impurities while it conditions & revitalizes the skin with ChromoAge™ botanical extracts, Moringa Oleifera oil & Sunflower oil. Recommended for all skin types and daily use.

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A unique anti-aging essence that effectively diminishes the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles and crow’s feet around the eyes area after a few minutes.

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Milaena’s hydrating essence with AquaMineral™ technology boosts oxygen supply, energizes & revitalizes dull skin for a vibrant appearance & silky soft feel. It delivers an instant and deep moisturizing effect that last for at least 72 hours. Suitable for day and night use.

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AkuaRiz® Skin Ease Gamatherapy Cleanser...CLEANSING SOLUTION FOR SENSITIVE SKIN Innovated with a proprietary anti-oxidant GPRx™ (Purified Gamat Extract) to hydrate, calm and soothe irritated & problematic skins while it gently cleanses without drying the skin's moisture barrier.

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Mira Oil is a proprietary blend of pure Moringa Oleifera, Rosehip & Argan oil, is specially formulated to rejuvenate & hydrate the skin. In addition, it is infused with Lavender essential oil to calm skin & for a relaxing aromatherapy effect.

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