How does the Milaena® AquaMineral™ Hydrating Essence work?

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The Milaena® AquaMineral Hydrating Essence works by nourishing the skin with instant hydration. Research on its efficacy has showed that the deep-penetrating hydration can last up to 72 hours after application.For best results, apply the essence on cleansed skin both day and night.

The Milaena® AquaMineral Hydrating Essence also reinforces the skin’s water retention to maintain soft, supple and plump skin.It repairs and strengthens the skin’s barrier function to regenerate ceramide. Ceramide is the cement that protects the skin from losing moisture. Thus the Milaena® AquaMineral Hydrating Essence allows the deeper layers of the skin to trap and retain more moisture.

Clinical studies offer proof of Milaena’s moisturising prowess

Clinical studies were carried out on participants using Milaena® AquaMineral Hydrating Essence. Resultsconcluded that the Milaena® AquaMineral Hydrating Essence significantlyimproves water retention at the skin’s dermal layer. Testsshowed that after 1 month of continuous use, the Transepidermal water loss( TEWL) was reduced by an impressive 29%.

Moreover, the Milaena® AquaMineral Hydrating Essence was shown to greatly improve the cell renewal process and skin became dramatically smoother after only 4 weeks of use. As seen in the real life images, Milaena® AquaMineral Hydrating Essence successfully revitalises andrestores moisture to dry, dehydrated skin.

Experience the energising power of Milaena’s AquaMineral™ Hydrating Essence. Revitalise your skin today.


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