Lee KC, 40's, Lawyer
In March 2014 I was diagnosed with a herniation of my L4-L5 disc. Sharp pains shot and radiated down my left leg, all the way down to my foot. I then received a recommendation from my doctor to try a microdiscectomy to remove the bulging section of the disc. I was not totally convinced with surgery. I subsequently received treatments from a chiropractor and then a physio therapist. My condition has improved with both the treatments of the chiropactor and physio therapist, but there is still lingering pain if I walk or stand for more than 15 minutes. My recovery got another boost when my good friend gave me Akuariz® capsule & I was amazed at how it helped to heal my condition. Though my recovery is not 100% complete, I definitely feel the benefits of the oral gamat capsules. Incidentally, a traditional Chinese medical practitioner told me that gamat helps for patients suffering from slipped disc.

Mike, Business Owner
I am a business owner and have been on Chondroitin Glucosamine to relief my bones and joint pain for the past 2 1/2 years. When I miss my daily intake , I will normally feel discomfort and pain About a week ago , my long time buddy introduced me to gamat capsule saying that it is a more natural supplement which can help provide me the pain relief I need . So as not to upset him, I stopped my medication and started consuming the AkuaRiz® gamat capsule and braced myself for the pain that will normally arise when I forget my medication. Surprisingly , I did not feel any pain and in fact feel more strength in my legs especially when I climb stairs or whenever I move in and out of my car . I am now a firm believer in this product - the fact that it is 100% preservative free also gives me the peace of mind of long term consumption!

Jen, 50's, Professional
The most frightful thing for me is to visit the dentist - so I always procrastinate whenever I have a toothache or inflamed gums until I cannot take the pain anymore. Last night I had a really bad toothache and my gums were all swollen due to tooth decay affecting 2 teeth. The pain was unbearable but I remembered what my friend told me - apply gamat extract and consume 2-3 gamat capsules and it should help. I tried it, and after about fifteen minutes, the throbbing pain stopped. I was able to eat start swallowing, grabbed some dinner and sleep through the night. Although my teeth still need to be extracted the next morning, I always keep a bottle of AkuaRiz® gamat capsule at home, just in case any member of family ever get into the same spot!

Lee, 35 years old
I used to have sore throats and severe tonsillitis many times in a year and every time it developed, I feel feverish and had to apply for medical leave. I have refrained myself from eating BBQ and fried stuff and yet I still get sore throats. As I work in a banking industry, I feel ashamed to apply for MC frequently. My sister gave me a bottle of Gamat Extract capsule to consume initially and I feel much better. I have been consuming it for almost 4 months now, each time 2 capsules. I have not applied for Medical leave ever since and my boss is very happy with that!

Ju, 56 years old
My job as a commis chef requires me to stand on my feet the whole day in the kitchen. Normally by around 3pm or so, I will start feeling tightness at the sole of my feet and my knees, and managing till cafe closing at 11pm is always difficult. I was on the verge of quitting my job to do something less taking when the chef recommended me to try out the AkuaRiz Gamat Capsule. I received 10 capsules so I took 2 a day for 5 days. By the day 3, I did not feel any tiredness until almost closing time. Now I just bought 1 bottle and is consuming regularly. I have decided to stay on at my workplace because I don't get pain anymore and I do love working in the kitchen.

S.Maniam, 60 years old
Normally I get tired after driving taxi the whole day- recently my wife's friend who introduced AkuaRiz Gamat Capsule to try. After 2 days, I find that I feel less tired especially my legs and feet and also feel more alert. That is why I will continue consuming it as part of my daily routine.